Happy Easter!

  The traditions have been carried through history for centuries with Easter upon us, thoughts turn to chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and tales of the Easter bunny. And to mark the Christian festival, revellers are already snapping up sweet treats and arranging Easter egg hunts. Bunnies and eggs have become symbols of Easter traditions… Continue Reading

Easter Holiday History

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. It has been called a moveable feast because it doesn’t fall on a set date every year, as most holidays do. Instead, Christian churches in the West celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox… Continue Reading

What to do if your home won’t sell

Homes take longer to sell today than they did in 2005. This is due to a slow home-sale market that has resulted in a build-up of the inventory of unsold listings. Although there are exceptions, this situation is expected to continue until late 2008 or 2009 — at least. What options do sellers have whose… Continue Reading

Building permits are nothing to fear

“Do I really need a building permit?” It’s one of the most common questions that a homeowner will ask when contemplating a construction project, typically hoping that the answer they’ll get back is “no.” People seem to have an unreasonable fear of building permits and the entire inspection process, and since many of your projects… Continue Reading

Lawn Irrigation Needs

Lawn irrigation needs vary by grass type. In general, warm-season grasses need about 20 percent less water than cool-season types. Tall fescue, if it’s healthy, develops a deep root system that gives this grass type the highest drought tolerance among cool-season grasses. Bermuda, centipede, St. Augustine and zoysia warm-season grasses also develop strong, deep root… Continue Reading